ATS has extensive experience in the development, installation, and validation of Aerosol Quality Assurance Systems. This depth of experience allows us to design product specific quality control procedures for all of your aerosol products. ATS has a proven record of reducing customer complaints via improvements in quality systems in the manufacturing environment.

Aerosol Quality Systems Services

Design and Implement Product Specific QA Systems – ATS will create a custom quality assurance system focused on your product and your manufacturing operation(s).

Audit and Improve Quality Assurance Systems – We will conduct on-site audits at any manufacturing location worldwide.
Process Validation – our services also include complete validation studies -- IQ/OQ/PQ -- for line equipment, compounding procedures, and production runs.

Consumer Complaint Reduction – If a product is experiencing a higher than normal number of customer returns/complaints, ATS will: evaluate returned items, find the root cause of the problem, and recommend modifications to the quality control protocols to prevent / minimize future occurrences.

Project Examples:

Corrosion Testing  
Valve Stem (control)

“Can does not empty” complaints were traced to propellant leakage through the valve cup seal or the valve stem gasket seal. The root cause was attributed to using a stem gasket with an improper durometer (hardness) specification.

“Poor Spray Pattern” complaints were traced to precipitation of partially soluble solids in the formula which accumulated and resulted in partial clogging of the aerosol valve system.

“Weak Spray” complaints were traced to a loss of container pressure over time. The root cause was attributed to a defective lot of lathe cut gaskets which resulted in propellant loss through a compromised can crimp seal.

Blocked Valve Stem
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