In addition to our full range of development, support and quality services, ATS offers Technology Training Courses in aerosol technology.

The ATS Advantage...

Comprehensive Scope - A wide range of training classes is available -- from basic orientation to advanced concepts in aerosol technology.

- Our programs are customized to meet the individual needs of your company and are designed to reflect your aerosol product lines and the experience of the participants.

Cost Effectiveness
- ATS seminars are extremely cost effective – one fee covers a group of any size. And, seminars are presented on-site at your location, for the convenience of your employees. No employee travel costs.

Technology Training Programs

Aerosol Technology 101 - An in-depth introduction to consumer product aerosols which includes aerosol formulations, propellants, selecting the proper valve system, controlling particle size & spray characteristics, aerosol container options, aerosol charging & crimping, VOC issues, and new technology.  Seminar material is customizable depending on the experience level of the participants.

Aerosol Product and Package Development - Topics include: selection, development, and testing of: aerosol formulas, propellants, and packaging systems (cans, valve, BOV). In addition there are optional modules covering: aerosol laboratory safety, safe handling and storage of propellants, container corrosion, and product stability testing.

Aerosol Quality Assurance – Discussion of aerosol quality control systems - customized to address your specific product lines.  Modules include: incoming, in-process & finished product inspections, failure analysis procedures for defective product returns. Please refer to the Aerosol Quality Systems page for additional information.

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